- Model ASE - Electric Superheated Water Boiler



The ASe is an electric superheated water boiler for small consumption, installation in clean environments or supplying. With production from 15 kW to 3.000 kW.

It's main summed up characteristics are:

  • Thanks to the experience accumulated over more than 60 years as well as ongoing research, the ASe boiler, as a consequence of its insulation of great thickness and high density has very little loss from radiation.
  • Good accessibility for maintenance and checks due to the removable inspection box and removable panels.
  • Low charge ohmic resistance made of stainless steel, encapsulated and plated, completely submerged make the ASe a steam generator with unsurpassable heat transfer.
  • Power scaling from 1 to 4 stages makes ASe a superheated water boiler that is flexible and modulating in supplying superheated water.
  • The ASe boiler is certified according to European Directive 97/23/CE.
  • Upon request, the ASe boiler may be supplied with an ATTSUTROL electric control cabinet with built in automation. Twenty-four or seventy-two hour surveillance may be achieved (pending approval by Spanish Regulations).
  • The ASe boiler, thanks to the single startup control, incidence indicators automatic blocking against erroneous maneuvers and a panel with summarized maintenance instructions makes it very reliable and comprehensible to the boiler operator.

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