Vikas Weldfab Systems

Vikas Weldfab Systems



Using our wide ranging experience in the Design & Manufacture of excavator attachments, VIKAS Product Range has been extended to include AUGER drive as excavator attachment. IT is supplied with universal hinge joint, short protective housing & Heavy duty Square drive shaft. Our AUGER drive units offer reliable, high performance tool that further extends the range of application suitable for excavator.

VIKAS AUGER drives are an economical, robust Solution for drilling holes for poles, road signs, plantations, foundation & Landscaping & any work that requires vertical drilling.

The VIKAS Reliable hydraulic motors, solid unit structure heavier duty reduction drive & balanced alignment means it is easy to drill vertical hole, excellent hose routing minimises hose & fitting damage.

  1. Large highly efficient gear boxes, designed specifically for long duty cycles.
  2. Standard cross-over pressure relief systems to protect the motor from pressure spikes.
  3. Two piece housing design allows top section to be removed for easy motor access.
  4. Designed & built to last drive unit can handle hundred of consecutive cycles, steel housing can withstand high shock loading, robust construction, components run in a maintenance free ,constant oil bath, gears can be sifted from forward to reverse to quickly free the unit from being jammed.
  5. A range of drive units with different auger diameters and digging teeth, suitable for a wide variety of application.

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