Aurora Biomed Inc.

- Model 1000 - Lab Water Purification System



Highly purified lab water should be available for use in any lab, especially for use in high precision analytical applications such as atomic absorption spectroscopy. The CRYSTA 1000 accommodates this need by producing Type 1 ultrapure water with minimal total organic carbon concentrations. It is ideal for use in a range of analytical applications in your lab. By using Ultrapure Polishing Cartridges, trace amounts of dissolved organics are removed in the parts per billion range. This will ensure that the CRYSTA 1000 will produce better technical results for your scientific applications.

  • Ultrapure Polishing Cartridges filter out trace contaminations
  • One-button full auto sterilization of entire filtration system
  • Internal recirculation function to limit bacterial growth and adhesion of contaminants to filters
  • Timed dispense mode for convenient walk away unattended operation
  • One touch automatic dispensing option in multiple modes
  • Real-time display of water resistivity, outlet temperature, total dissolved solid concentrations of inlet and outlet water, and remaining cartridge longevity
  • Auditive alarm for cartridge change when resistivity drops below users preset values

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