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- Model EDZ 150.1 (157.1) - Differential Pressure Meter



Measuring and registering the standard volume, the volume or the mass of technical gases and measuring and registering the mass or energy of steam. Specially developed for high-precision billing measurements (compressed air contracting and steam contracting). Major advantages are the short required inlet- and outlet sections and the small residual pressure loss. 


  • measuring and registering the standard volume, the volume or the mass of air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, etc. (with pressure and temperature compensation)
  • measuring and registering the mass or energy of steam

Technical properties

  • highly suitable for billing purposes
  • traceable standardized measurement, based on international valid rules and regulations, large confidence range
  • very short needed inlet and outlet pipes (typical 8x DN / 0x DN), with an additional uncertainty of 0,5 % calculated, the needed inlet pipe is 4 x DN
  • small residual pressure loss (typical 100 to 150 mbar)
  • wear resistant and dirt insensitive (venturi effect)
  • insensitive to dampness and vibrations
  • application areas compressed air and other technical gases
  • compact, highly-integrated measuring system (pressure and temperature compensationintegrated in the measuring device). Therefore, easy and cost-effective installation
  • wide dynamic range (20 : 1) and small measurement uncertainty (1 % of measured value)
  • fast data acquisition and calculation (approximately 10 times per second)
  • long term stability, because of automatically hydraulic zero balance and self test
  • plausibility and accuracy test during operation
  • low-maintenance
  • signal output:
    • standard 2x (0)4-20 mA / 2x frequency / pulse / status, M-Bus / Modbus (optionally up to 6x (0)4-20 mA, 6x frequency / pulse / status, additional M-Bus interface, RS 485, Ethernet interface)
  • parametrisation at PC-Software and/or manual at key pad EMC saved plastic housing for wall mounting (optional with separate display)
  • optionally with two counters - e.g. for combined heat-/cold measuring or   bidirectional measuring
  • power supply 230 VAC (optionally 24 VDC)

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