- Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation (RCO)

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CTP AutoKAT - Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation (RCO)

The AutoKAT combines the advantages of the regenerative thermal oxidation with those of catalytic oxidation and is a technologically advanced air pollution solution. The AutoKAT is a very cost-effective alternative if no catalyst poisons occur. Existing systems can be upgraded to an AutoKAT.

Features of the RCO:

  • High cleaning efficiency (> 98%)
  • Thermal efficiency > 95%
  • Extremely low autothermal point of < 500 mg/Nm3
  • Very low operating costs
  • Oxidation without formation of NOx (e.g. removal of NH3)
  • CTP honeycomb catalyst

Available Options:

  • Electrical heating in combination with gas burner
  • Raw gas preheating
  • Online bake-out


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