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- Model E-240-PARIO - Automated Particle Size Analysis



Conventional particle-size analysis operation takes a lot of time and energy. Readings or samplings have to be done by hand, at regular intervals and for up to 24 hours. Because the procedure is manual, it’s prone to errors – which can easily lead to wasted time and effort.

PARIO calculates the particle size distribution by Stokes’ law, with the range of particle sizes spanning from 63 μm to 1 μm.

It allows for unattended, automated operation, with no interference by lab personnel. Just set it up and come back 6 hours later to a finished measurement with all the data you need.

PARIO reduces errors, because it does not require the insertion of a hydrometer or sampling of suspension volume with a pipette, which disturbs the sedimentation process. Being automatic, it also avoids manual reading or calculating errors. This results in an overall error rate of just 1.5% – lower than any conventional particle-size analysis method.

PARIO automatically measures at an interval of 10 seconds and continuously records the change of suspension pressure as well as the temperature. This results in highly accurate and continuous particle-size distribution curves. The data are automatically evaluated by our new data processing algorithm called “Integral Densiometer Method” (IDM).

The PARIO measuring method is based on the well-established hydrometer or pipettemethod. That means there is no need for soil-specific corrections with transfer functions as required for almost any other automated measurement method, such as laser diffraction or image analysis.

To save you even more time, PARIO comes with an easy-to- use, all-in-one software solution for automated data inquiry, visualization, evaluation and export.

All of this serves one goal – to reduce the operating time you spend for particle-size analysis, while at the same time improving accuracy. So you can focus on your research, not operating machines.

The new PARIO particle-size analyser. Reducing operation time to particle size.

  • Calculation of particle size distribution by Stokes’ law
  • Autonomous operation after measurement start
  • Quasi-continous resolution of particle size distribution
  • No physical disturbance of suspension during measurement
  • Avoidance of manual reading errors
  • Avoidance of manual calculation errors
  • Temperature dependence automatically integrated calculation of particle size distribution

  • Range of Particle Sizes: 63 μm to 1 μm (eff. hydrodynamic diameter)
  • Approximate error in mass fraction detection: ± 1.5 %
  • Typical particle mass: 25 to 40 g / 1 litre suspension
  • Typical duration of measurement: 6 hours
  • Measuring interval: 10 s
  • Operating temperature range: 15 °C to 35 °C
  • Max. tolerable temperature change during measurement: 3 °C
  • Warranty: 12 months

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