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- Model ARL-9000 - Automated Radiosonde Launcher (ARL)



The Automated Radiosonde Launcher (ARL) is a low cost system that permits unattended upper air observations. It is a robust and fault-tolerant system that automates radiosonde observations. It is compatible with a variety of commercial radiosondes. The ARL is ideal for remote locations, manpower limited operations, and mobile requirements.

The ARL takes a manually intensive task and reduces it to a periodic maintenance routine. Because the it automates every step in the launch process personnel are free to perform more important value-added tasks, and human errors are eliminated.

  • Model ARL-9000: The fixed-base system processes up to 8 upper air observations automatically. The ARL reduces manpower costs, while increasing data availability.
  • Model ARL-9001: The trailer-mounted mobile system processes up to 8 upper air observations automatically.

Once loaded, the ARL system automatically:

  • powers up a radiosonde
  • checks the RF link
  • starts data acquisition
  • performs a verification of the radiosonde temperature and humidity signals
  • acquires real time wind, temperature and dew point data from a Model PTU-2000 thermohygrometer
  • inflates a balloon and verifies inflation
  • releases the balloon
  • verifies the payload is successfully away
  • continuously captures data for flight duration
  • transfers data to a central data archive
  • returns to idle state and prepares for next launch


  • LORAN-C and GPS wind-finding options
  • Operator safety: operators only need visit the system occasionally to load expendables, avoiding hazardous weather
  • Can be automated for preset release times or conveniently remote-controlled via the Internet to capture rapidly changing weather events
  • Supports XDR-928 GPS digital radiosondes

  • Numerical Weather Prediction: Input for weather forecast models
  • Operational Weather: Permanent upper air observing system for commercial and military applications. Mobile and tactical options available.
  • Remote Sensing: Ground truth validation for calibration of satellite platforms
  • Scientific Research: Global warming and climate change studies
  • Field Experiments: ARL-9001 mobile version is ideal for storm-chasing/research
  • Space/physical footprint-limited locations
  • Labor Reduction: Replacement of human operators at remote or hostile locations

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