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The initial focus for the AWOS™ product is the aviation market – particularly venues that are not currently supported by costly government designed weather systems such as small public-use airports, heliports, seaplane bases, crop duster operations and private landing strips. Within these applications, AWOS™ provides high quality, up-to-the-minute weather conditions to ground personnel and pilots through several media options resulting in enhanced aircraft/light safety and operational performance. Belfort has recently introduced significant enhancements to its AWOS™ product such that real time, local weather information can be received automatically over standard UNICOM frequencies, telephone, the Internet, or on its well established handheld device. The Automated Weather System is comprised of the following upgrades to the original AWOS offering:

About Belfort AWOS

The Belfort AWOS is an FAA Approved AWOS AV having FAA certified Altimeter and FAA approved visibility sensor, the Belfort AWOS AV also has advisory wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, dew point, relative humidity and optional ceilometer. The Belfort AWOS is FAA commissionable to provide a legal weather source for PART 91 & PART 135 IFR operations as well as GPS approaches. The installation of the Belfort AWOS AV under FAA AIP funds does not require a Positive Cost Justification.

How Belfort AWOS Works

Real-time, mission critical weather information collected from the AWOS weather station is transmitted to both the pilot and airport personnel for up-to-the-minute flight conditions. Current conditions are made available to the pilot in-flight via pilot activated weather data using existing UNICOM frequencies. Weather information is also available to the pilot in-flight via an optional hand-held receiver.

Airport ground personnel and pilots engaged in pre-flight planning have access to the data via the new Belfort™ Graphic Weather Reporter software program which provides a PC-based graphical display available through the Internet or over the telephone. These next generation AWOS capabilities can now provide data logging, weather trending and important alerts to pilots and ground personnel through a choice of mediums never before offered.

Designed to meet the highest level of standards, the Enhanced Instrument Package includes aviation grade weather instruments that meet and/or exceed all AWOS accuracy standards. The following standard meteorology parameters are routinely displayed to the end-user:

  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Speed/Gusts
  • Altimeter Setting
  • Temperature/Dewpoint
  • Relative Humidity
  • Density Altitude
  • Condensation Altitude
  • Headwind Component
  • Tailwind Component
  • Crosswind Component
  • Airport Identifier
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Visibility
  • Ceilometer(optional)

The Belfort AWOS is a one-of-a-kind solution for public-use airports, heliports, seaplane bases and private landing strips that cannot afford expensive government designed systems. This rugged, easy to install automated weather station can be relied upon to dramatically improve airfield operational safety!

AWOS Voice™

The AWOS Voice™ capability delivers fully automated current weather data over existing UNICOM or Discrete frequencies in response to a pilot initiated microphone clicks. Once the AWOS computer has received the station specific input, it responds with a digitized voice transmission that includes up-to-the-minute weather data as well as other current information/alerts for aircraft operators. Additional information is available via an optional hand-held receiver or through a PC-based display terminal using the Belfort™ Graphic Weather Reporter software described below.

Pilot tunes cockpit transceiver to local UNICOM frequency and queries base AWOS weather station

  • Following query, AWOS broadcasts current weather data and any customized advisories for the airfield queried
  • AWOS broadcasts current weather info ONLY when queried and responds with a digitized voice transmission
  • Minimizes frequency congestion while broadcasting critical weather conditions to aid the pilot decision-making process
  • Requires no additional on-board equipment in the cockpit since the broadcasts occur on common traffic advisory frequencies
  • Requires a Pentium chip computer with a bus (not serial mouse) running WINXP or later with 1 GB RAM min, 60 GB hard drive and a processor with a clock speed of at least 500 MHz
  • AWOS can also use a discreet VHF frequency/radio in lieu of the Unicom based system

Belfort Graphic Weather Reporter

The Belfort™ Graphic Weather Reporter is a Belfort proprietary software program that provides a PC-based graphical display of local weather data collected from the AWOS Weather Station. The data can be viewed from a PC terminal at the airport/FBO or over the web for pre-flight planning purposes and general airport operations. The Belfort™ Graphic Weather Reporter has an event manager capability that will allow airport ground personnel to provide both visual and audible alerts of important changes in weather conditions. In addition, the program captures all weather conditions along with any changes for a 30 day period to support aircraft accident/incident investigations if needed.

Belfort™ Graphic Weather Reporter also delivers Weather Information via Internet and/or Telephone

  • Provides an intuitive graphical interface for displaying current weather data transmitted from the AWOS weather station.
  • Displays preferred runway along with the headwind and crosswind components for each runway.
  • Keeps a running 30 day log of every change in the local weather conditions with the capability to playback any given time frame
  • Displays weather trends for wind speed, direction, gusts, temperature, dewpoint, relative humidity ,altimeter setting, visibility and cloud height. (when specific sensors are installed).
  • Recorded data can be saved and exported for commercial spreadsheet applications
  • PC is included with purchase of Belfort AWOS System

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