New Instruments and Research for Analysis (NIRA)

Automatic Air Recirculation Control System



Through our LED monitoring systems and 'automatic air recirculation control' systems, we are able to drastically reduce (between 40% to 60%) the flow rate in discharge and increase (between 30% to 50%) the average \ concentration in evacuation from any laminating, a flexo and gravure press machines.

NIRA supplies the following services and products:

  • free consultations and plant inspections.
  • Studies of the ventilation systems.
  • Construction drawings for mechanical adjustments on the ventilation systems.
  • Mechanicals supply to create the automatic air recirculation systems.
  • flame Ionization and Infrared LEL monitoring systems.
  • Automatic air recirculation control systems.
  • Detailed quotations? energy saving estimations and investment payback time.


  • More safety Inside the plant by monitoring an keeping under tontrol the solvent concentrations.
  • Saving on electricity, fuel oil or natural gas consumption on the air heating systems.
  • Lower Investments on air treating system (MP or RTO).
  • Lower residual solvent on laminated, coated or printed flexible materials.

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