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Capacitor controls benefit utilities by reducing unused capacity, regulating voltage, monitoring line conditions, and protecting capacitor banks. S&C’s capacitor control products offer you reliable, easy to use, and flexible ways to add effective automation to your system today. Optional neutral current/voltage sensing reports blown fuses and stuck switches, so your banks can always be productive. The answer to which model is right for you depends on your particular system and application.


IntelliCap Automatic Capacitor Controls are designed to control pole-mounted and pad-mounted, switched capacitor banks in electric distribution systems. They’re ideal for applications where an interface with SCADA isn’t required (communicating-type IntelliCap Plus® Automatic Capacitor Controls are especially well suited in those instances).
Reliable, microprocessor-based IntelliCap Controls are easy to set up, operate, and troubleshoot using IntelliLink® Remote Setup Software. Or you can use the faceplate switches and liquid-crystal display to monitor real-time data, view alarms, and adjust most set points without a computer.


  • Wide range of control strategies: Voltage, time, temperature, time-biased voltage, and time-biased temperature control strategies are standard; VAR and current control strategies are optional
  • Voltage/temperature override
  • Automatic calculation of the voltage change (and kVAR change, if applicable) due to capacitor bank switching
  • Daily limit on switching operations
  • User-enabled automatic daylight savings time and holidays
  • Faceplate setup for most installations using faceplate LCD
  • Four-jaw or six-jaw meter base mounting or bracket mounting
  • Compact size: 6.5' x 6.5' x 4.375'

Extensive Data Access, Logging, and Graphing
A wide range of parameters are logged at the selected interval and can be downloaded as tables or graphs, including:

  • Temperature, voltage, current, power factor, kVAR, and kW. Logging intervals can be adjusted from 1 to 60 minutes, for 2 to 120 days of voltage and temperature data.
  • Time and reason for the last 14 switching events, as well as the voltage (and VARs, if applicable) before and after bank switching. Date and time of the last 15 power outages.

For IntelliCap Controls with VAR and current control strategies, S&C offers CS Line Post Sensors. These economical, easy-to-install sensors require no calibration.

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