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- Model BS 350 - Automatic Combined Briquette Sawing and Check-Weighing System



New combined briquette sawing and check-weighing system for high productivity consumer briquetting plants. BS 350 automatic briquetting saw combined with BW 350 in-line check weighing system. We have upgraded our BS 350 saw to the latest EU standards and offer a unique solution in combining the saw with our new developed BW 350 in-line check weighing system. The BS 350 briquetting saw is an ideal solution for briquetting plants producing consumer type briquettes that have to be cut in a uniform length (+/-2 mm) in order to fit them into a typical foil-wrapped package of 10 kg i.e.


Flying saw
The BS 350 has been constructed as a ”flying saw” as it grips around the briquette string, and moves forward by the force of the strokes from the briquette press, while cutting the briquettes in the desired length. A pneumatic cylinder moves the cutter back to its starting position.

Long cooling line
30 m of cooling line is recommended, in order to allow the briquette string to cool down and harden before entering the saw. A sorting system will push out any briquettes that are broken or of differing length to avoid disturbances in a connected packaging system.

Collection and reuse of sawdust
Narrow saw blades with hardened teeth are used, to minimize the amount of saw dust that has to be sucked away from the cutting area by a suction device and delivered back to the storage silo via a cyclone.

Safety first
As a consequence of our high concern for operator safety all moving parts of the cutter have been totally encased in a metal housing and safety switches have been installed to avoid any accidents. The housing cannot be opened until the saw blade has come to a complete stop.

BW 350 check-weighing system (Optional)
This unique option for our BS 350 briquette saw is based on actual customer requirements for optimal utilization of the available raw material.

  • Checks the weight of each briquette.
  • Calculates average weight of the last 10 briquettes.
  • Automatic briquette length adjustment based on input from the BW-350 weighing system
  • Maintains the requested 10 kg package weight within +/-1%
  • High return on investment
  • Increase your profit 2-5% based on full utilization of your raw material

BS 350 Features and Benefits

  • Fulfills the latest EU standard for saws, EN1870-3+A1:2001+A1:2009:
    • Brake time for saw blade
    • Safety circuit for door
    • Surveyed service hatches
  • Reduced noise level
  • Touch screen with integration to the briquette press
  • Nominal briquette length adjustable from control panel
  • Length deviation ±2 mm
  • Integrated length / breakage control removes non-proven products
  • Alarm for drop in air pressure
  • Air nozzle for removal of saw dust from center hole in the briquettes.
  • Metal detector recommended for production of center hole briquettes

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