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- Model EAS-2 - Automatic Emission Aspirator


Aspirator EAS-2 is a portable device. It is designed to collect on tubes or sorption scrubbers gas samples that come from technological processes or technical operations. Determination of the concentration of substances in samples taken is carried out in a research laboratory. The elements and components of the aspirators control unit are positioned both inside and outside of the housing. On the side plate placed are two-section aerosol filters and a socket with power switch. Additional slot separated for each channel are used to connect the temperature probe of the sucked gas stream exiting scrubber/sorption tubes. Alternatively in one of these nests user may attach sensor measuring ambient temperature nearby device.

On the upper plate, separately for each channel are located:

  • display (16 lines, 21 columns)
  • indicator lights signaling:
    • warm-up stare of gas aspiration track 'HEAT';
    • working state of pump 'PUMP'
    • working state of aspirator 'SERVICE'
  • button 'MENU' to navigate trough lines and columns
  • button 'WART' to set values ascending/descending
  • buttons 'ENTER/Start'
  • buttons 'ESC/Stop'
  • buttons to adjust the contrast of the display
  • slot for serial connector 'RS232C' to connect a PC or serial printer

Inside the housing placed are distinct for each channel following elements:

  • heated aspiration track, which task is to prevent out dropping water vapor in the measuring section
  • set measuring pressure, temperature and humidity of aspirated gas
  • flow measurement module
  • set of control valves
  • rotary aspiration pump
  • electronics module

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