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The GreaseShield Grease Trap is the only fully Automatic Grease Separation and Solids Removal grease trap providing Automatic Solids Transfer and FOG (fats, oils and grease) removal externally eliminating the need for staff to access the inside of the grease trap.


Stage One: Food Removal
As effluent enters the grease trap food debris is automatically removed by a filter screen. The solids are removed, dewatered by an auger and discharged into a separate collection container for disposal.


Stage Two: Fog Removala
5 co-operating baffles and a reverse direction flow force the effluent to travel twice the length of the system. This forces the fats, oils and grease with a lower specific gravity than water into contact with the FOG removal means, running the length of the grease trap. Waste thermal energy is utilised to reduce the FOGs whilst they are still running.Stage Two - FOG Removal


Stage Three: Continuation Of Fog Removal
Inside the GreaseShield’s separation chamber is a semi submerged slowly rotating roller. Constructed in an oil-repellent material the roller becomes coated in FOGs, as it turns. The roller is scraped clean by a rubber blade having anti friction properties. The FOG contaminants are collected in an external container.


Stage Four: Self Cleaning
The GreaseShield has a unique self-cleaning system. There is no need for staff to go inside the GreaseShield. The cycle includes a process to deal with dairy products and eliminate odours.

Rated from 1 litre to 30 litres of influent per second, EPAS offers a range of user friendly, fully automated mechanical grease recovery units or grease traps under the GreaseShield brand. GreaseShields separate and remove food solids, fats, oils and greases and are designed to serve hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, fast food chains, hospital, prisons, labour camps, sporting stadia and FSEs.

GreaseShields prevent blockages in drains and protect pumping stations whilst significantly reducing the loading on waste water treatment plants. The recurring need to pump greasetraps and refill with clean water is eliminated as is the use of biological agents, enzymes and chemicals.

GreaseShield is the only proactive greasetrap in the world to deal with emulsified FOGs. GreaseShield is not a passive trap. GreaseShield is the only greasetrap in the world that removes entrained solids in real time to reduce BOD and COD and SS loadings.

Each GreaseShield has 5 co-operating baffles including a magnetic baffle and the flow of the effluent is reversed before allowing cooler effluent to discharge under the final baffle situate 18 mm above the base of the unit. Advantage is taken from the principles of thermodynamics and the law of gravity.

The specific gravities (S.G.) of water (S.G. 1) and FOGs (S.G. 0.88) assist in achieving an efficient FOG retention and removal system. GreaseShield takes advantage of the waste thermal energy present in the effluent to remove animal fats and FOGs before they solidify.

GreaseShield takes advantage of waste thermal energy, using a combination of retaining baffles, reverse flow configuration and the differing specific gravities of water and FOGs which are complemented by thermal layers within the effluent. All of these factors, working in conjunction with the properties of the oleophilic and hydrophobic FOG removal means that the objective of protecting drainage systems is achieved.

Tests to determine the levels of FOGs present in the outlet discharge from GreaseShields (carried out by third parties - results available on request) confirm the efficiency and functionality of the GreaseShields.

The GreaseShield is an award winning product winning a Best Catering Equipment Award in 2008; a Best Equipment Product Award in 2009; an Eco Innovation Award in 2009; an Innovation In Industry Award in 2010 and a Green Hospitality Award For Innovation in 2010.

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