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- Model BP 4000 - Automatic Heavy Built Medium Size Mechanical Briquette Press



The BP 4000 automatic is a heavy built medium size mechanical briquette press designed for companies with 2000 to 4000 tons of raw material per year. It is well suited for production of industrial briquettes from dust like MDF, any kind of dry wood waste and other biomass products. The standard BP 4000 has the functional BBCS, Basic Briquetting Control System including a 5.7' multi-colour monitor with user-friendly touch screen operation.


The functional BBCS control system includes all operational instructions and messages in up to 16 different languages. A log function stores all vital running informations on a CF memory card and is an important tool for analysing and improving the briquetting process.

The control system has its own IP address in order to allow direct internet access and make it possible remotely to monitor, operate, search for failures and even to reprogram the system. BP 4000 with BBCS also has a Siemens PLC to control all vital functions to make the press is suitable for automatic or semiautomatic operation. It is possible to install a text message system that in case of disturbances will send a detailed message about any pending problem with the briquetting system to the operator or serviceman on call.


The standard version of the BP 4000 is designed for semi-automatic operation around the clock - typical at companies with large silo capacity, whereas the BP 4000 automatic is suitable for customers with smaller silo capacity, because the control system will start and stop the press automatically. Level sensors placed in the buffer silo will give signal to have the silo loaded again in time, as long as sufficient raw material is avalable. The control system automatically stops the press just before the buffersilo is empty and start it again when raw material has reached the preset level again.

The expected capacity for industrial briquettes or pucks is 600 to 750 kg/h and somewhat lower if used for production of consumer briquettes.


The BP 4000 press has a strong machine housing made of special steel. All hydraulic hoses and other vital parts have been integrated in the machine frame for maximum protection. This design gives the press a light and elegant look and it is easy to clean. The heavy flywheel has been balanced in order to ensure steady operation without unnecessary vibrations.

The die system of the BP 4000 range is produced in special steel and hardened for to secure an extended lifetime and high quality of the produced briquettes. For production of consumer-type briquettes and for any abrasive raw material it is recommendable to equip the press with oil cooler and die cooling system.

Internal roller bearings have been used in the BP 4000 to reduce friction and in this way achieved great efficiency and high capacity, considering the main motor is just 30 kW.

  • Ideal for briquetting of MDF and all kinds of dust
  • Advanced BBCS control system for easy and safe operation
  • Flexible die system available for all kinds of raw material
  • Low vibration level for quiet operation

A large range of accessories such as dosing silos with frequency controlled feeding screws, briqutte breaker, puck maker for fuel pucks and mixer system for adding water to dry raw material like MDF etc.

Technical Specifications

  • Briquette dimension: Ø60 mm
  • Main motor: 30 kW
  • Capacity range: 600 - 750 kg/hour *)
  • Pressure lubrication: Crosshead bearings
  • Weight: app. 3700 kg
  • Dim. (WxHL): 1350x1350x2850 mm

*The capacity is depending on raw material and briquette size

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