Energy Metering Technology Ltd (EMT)

Energy Metering Technology Ltd (EMT)

Automatic Monitoring and Targeting Systems (aM&T)


Manually reading meters is too much of a chore for modern life and in any event it does not utilise the full potential of metering. We recommend installing an Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T)  system as you install meters. Automatic meter reading turns an ‘idle asset’ meter into a ‘work horse’ for utilities management.

EMT supply, install and commission aM&T systems using various comms technologies including;

  • DATABIRD low power radio – ideal for campus sites, towns and cities
  • Network and/or GPRS based loggers – small, single or multi location sites
  • DATABIRD hardwired, ‘daisy chained’ meters – ideal when there are a cluster of meters located together

aM&T AMR hardware is installed adjacent to the meters and interfaced via  pulse output to enable automatic meter reading. The AMR is connected to a PC via a variety of different comms methods to allow automatic meter reading. EMT’s AMR hardware is ‘LEGO  like’ in structure and can be grown as budget and needs mature.

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