Automatic Net Washer Machine


The net washer NW65 is supplied with external hot dip steel structure, capacity of about 1500 litres for the collection of liquid waste. The specific bottom double opening allows both a quick emptying with total opening of door and (in case of use of anti-fouling paints) through spin pump with 1-1/2’ collector to retrieve fluids to be stocked in the appropriate containers. Our new AUTOMATIC washing machine for your fishing nets. Manufactured in Italy by TECHNOSEA srl with high quality INOX AISI 304. Strong, reliable, capacious and above all, cost-effective. Our new net washer TechnoSEA NW65 is the result of the needs expressed by a number of farmers to have a strong and reliable tool that can cover large quantities in terms of both time and workforce necessary to the cleaning of nets for  cage farming.

Net washer: detail of control panel
Net washer: detail of electric powered engine.
Net washer: detail of sensor for emergency stop.
Net washer: detail of water inlet.
Net washer: detail of water outlet.

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