C.R.A.I. s.r.l.

C.R.A.I. s.r.l.

Model CP 300 P - Automatic Prismatic Shaped Bale-Rollerholder Trailer


CRAI Srl continuous research into new technologies for data collection in the field of prismatic bales. It offers an innovative and economical to collect long-haul operator via mono. The loading floor has a system of double handling to balance the load in the initial phase.

With two simple clicks, rotate, tighten, tipping, Stack and loads! One to four bales at a time!


  • Very versatile machine for harvesting in the field managed semi-automatic;
  • Equipment easy to use, with load front in the direction of unloading of the baling press;
  • Unloading blocks each one of 3 bales;
  • Semi-automatic drain with sequences from operator;
  • Earthing of theload blocks;


  • Load capacity prismatic bales:
  • N° 24 prismatic bales by 900 x 1200 x 2500
  • N° 32 prismatic bales by 700 /800 x 1200 x 2500
  • Loading platform width 2,55 Mt
  • Loading platform length 9,85 Mt
  • Maximum height load 4,00 / 4,20 Mt
  • carriageway 2,10 Mt
  • Total mass at full load 20.000 kg
  • Total mass at full load 7.200 kg
  • N° 2 steering axles + N° 1 fixed axle
  • hydraulic suspension
  • N° 6 wheels 435/50-R-19,5
  • Power absorbed 19 Kw
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic braking
  • Commands via solenoid valves with electric push button or radio remote control
  • System load balancing in the initial stage
  • Hydraulic clamp for front loading bales
  • Floor rear exhaust hydraulic control system with blocks of 3 or 4 bales
  • Lock steering axles with hydraulic control
  • manual
  • Speed Load: N° 24 bales in 20-24 minutesN° 32 bales in 30/34 minutes (indication)
  • Unloading speed: N° 24/32 Bales in 5 minutes (indication)
  • Road homologation and Italian declaration 'CE'

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