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- Model isoplus - Automatic Sampling System



The isoplus is suitable for both isokinetic (automatic) and manual constant flow rate sampling of between 1 and 35 l/min.  The instrument can be used for dust sampling via sampling line and probe or for gas sampling using a connected impinger train.  The isoplus digital sampler is capable of  measuring the isokinetic conditions of stacks and ducts of differing dimensions, automatically adjusting the flow rate to reduce errors during sampling.

In operation, the user is guided by an easy-to-use LCD display menu.  The sampling data can be saved to the 512Kb internal memory or downloaded to PC via an on-board USB port.

The isoplus is suitable for the sampling of dust (EN 13284), heavy metals (EN 14385), dioxins (EN 1948), acids (EN 1911/ISO 15713), VOCs (EN13649) and PM10/PM2.5 (VDI 2066/ISO 23210).

  • Isokinetic digital sampler automatically adjusts sampling flow
  • Can be used manually for constant flow rate sampling
  • Rotary pump with 1 - 35 l/min working range
  • Digital LCD display and keyboard
  • 512Kb permanent memory with USB port
  • Volumetric dry gas meter
  • Visual and audible alarm

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