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The Amiad Omega Series are automatic filters, with multiple screens operated by a single electric self-cleaning mechanism. The “Omega” filters range in flowrates of up to 5,000 m³/h (22,000 gpm) and from 10-500 micron filtration degree. Inlet/Outlet flanges are available from 8”-32” diameter.

The Filtration Process
Raw water enters from the filter inlet and passes through the multi-screens. Clean water flows through the filter
outlet. The gradual dirt buildup on the inner multi screen surface causes a filter cake to develop, with a corresponding
increase in the pressure differential across the multi-screens. A pressure differential switch senses the pressure differential and when it reaches a pre-set value, the self-cleaning process begins.

The Self-Cleaning Process
Cleaning of the filter is carried out by multiple suction scanners with an option for SLN (Spring Loaded Nozzles) which scans across the multi-screens by a common gear operated by up to 3 electric motors. The DP switch signals to open the exhaust valves creating a high velocity suction stream at the nozzle tip which “vacuums” the filter cake from the multi screens. During the self-cleaning process, which takes approximately 25 seconds, filtered water continues to flow downstream.
The Control System
The Omega operation and cleaning cycle is controlled and monitored by a Programmable Logic Control (PLC). The PLC allows maximum flexibility in control options and is provided with a wide range of control options from a local independent stand alone controller to a fully integrated with the customer central control system. During the self-cleaning cycle the PLC controls a solenoid that operates the exhaust valves by means of an hydraulic command or compressed air.

The self-cleaning cycle begins under any one of the following conditions:
  1. Receiving a signal from the Pressure Differential Switch
  2. Time interval parameter set at the control board
  3. Manual Start
The control board also provides:

  • Optional continuous flush mode
  • Flush cycles counter
  • Alarm output – may be used to open a bypass, shut-off a pump, etc.
Omega Models:
Amiad’s Omega product line consists of the following models:
  • Omega I Standard 13,500 cm2 & Enlarged (E) 18,000 cm2
  • Omega II Standard 27,000 cm2 & Enlarged (E) 36,000 cm2
  • Omega III Standard 54,000 cm2 & Enlarged (E) 72,000 cm2
  • Omega IV Standard 81,000 cm2 & Enlarged (E) 108,000 cm2

  • Based on Amiad’s proven suction scanning screen filtration technology
  • Highly efficient self-cleaning mechanism; fine filtration performances, down to 10 micron
  • Significant cost reduction per filtered cubic meter of water
  • Smaller footprint
  • Higher flow per unit
  • ASME / ATEX / IECEX design optional
  • Applications: Membrane Protection, Ballast Water, Oil&Gas, Industrial Water and Irrigation

General Data
Maximum flowrate * Omega IV - 2025 m³/h,
Omega IV E* - 2700 m³/h
Minimum working pressure Omega IV, Omega IV E* - 2 bar
Maximum working pressure Omega IV, Omega IV E* - 10 bar (16 bar upon request)
Inlet/Outlet diameter Omega IV, Omega IV E* - 18” - 32” (Flange standards as per request)
Weight [empty] Omega IV - 3250 kg,
Omega IV E* - 3435 kg

Flushing Data
Exhaust valve Omega IV - 3x4”,
Omega IV E* - 3x6”
Flushing cycle time Omega IV - 3x25 sec,
Omega IV E* - 3x25 sec
Reject water v olume per flush cycle Omega IV - 3x480 liter,
Omega IV E* - 3x560 liter
Minimum flow for flushing Omega IV - 3x70 m³/h,
Omega IV E* - 3x80 m³/h

Construction Materials*
Filter housing Carbon steel, Polyamine epoxy coating inside, epoxy coating outside
Filter lid Carbon steel, Polyamine epoxy coating inside, epoxy coating outside
Screens Weavewire 316L or SMO 254
Cleaning mechanism Stainless steel 316L or SMO 254
Exhaust valve Epoxy-coated cast iron, natural rubber
Seals Synthetic rubber, NBR
Control Stainless steel, nylon

Control and Electricity
Control voltage Omega IV, Omega IV E* - 24 VAC
Electric motor 3x(1 HP – 0.74kW)
Rated operation voltage 3 phase, 220/380/440 VAC 50/60 Hz
Current consumption 3x2.1 Amp

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