Idealwater Treatment Systems

Idealwater Treatment Systems

Automatic Softening Systems



Softening: It is the removal of hardness in water caused by calcium and magnesium ions using cationic resin. Hard water causes calcification on the surfaces of steam cauldrons, heaters and hot water installations. This way their cross-section get narrower, important transfer losses and energy consumption occurs. ASC and AS Series softening systems are used to protect your heating devices and installations from calcification and to derive soft and good tasting water.


ASC Series models with cabinets are aesthetic and compact structured for residential use. In AS Series systems resin tank and salt tank are seperate. All the control valves used in softening systems do the service, regeneration and backwash processes automatically. The quartz, divinylbenzene based resin and linear fibre coated epoxy plated polyethylene tank that make up the system, all meet the world food norms. Polyethylene, buoy protected against overflow salt tank is included. Salt is used as regenerant. Water needed for the salty water solution is filled by control valve to the salt tank after each regeneration.

In selecting softening systems, our project engineers calculate the necessary resin amount according to the rate of flow, hardness degree and other parameters of your water. Salt, water and time losses in backwash are minimized by these sensitively calculated systems.

These devices equipped with automatic control systems, do backwash and regeneration processes; In standard models;
Time controlled, If wanted;

  • Volume controlled or
  • Hardness controlled without any need for human intervention.
  • There are optional system alternatives that can supply untreated hard water over bypass line or stop water flow during regeneration.

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