Beijing Institute of Radio Measurement

Beijing Institute of Radio Measurement

- automatic sounding station

The automatic sounding station automates the upper-air observations. It is suited to operate in populated areas, remote locations, or in climates ranging from polar to tropical. Compatible with CF-06-A radiosonde, automatic sounding station can automatically detect meteorological parameters such as atmospheric temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed and wind direction from ground to height of 35 km and slant distance of 200 km. It can carry out radiosonde battery automatic activation, automatic ground check, inflation of balloons, launch of radiosonde, and automatic tracking, receiving, processing and sending sounding data.

Size (wind shield closed): 7.2*2.8*3.7m

Size (wind shield opened): 7*2.8*5.6(m)

Weight:  9t

Consecutive sounding: 48

Working mode: entire automatic

Inflation pressure: 0.3Mpa~0.8Mpa

Inflation time: 15min (750g balloon)

Suitable balloon: 300g~750g

Gas for selection: Hydrogen or helium

Gas source: cylinder or hydrogen generator (optional)

Consumption power: 3.5kW (including air conditioner), 1KW (not including air conditioner)