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XARIA Clim is an Automatic Station of new generation, developed by DEGREANE HORIZON, in order to equip climatologic networks. XARIA Clim station is basically equipped with two sensor inputs (digital and/or analogical) and one channel of transmission (PSTN, GSM or Ethernet). XARIA Clim station can ensure the automatic diffusion of its data in programmed or alert mode. Adding dedicated modules allows the extension of the number of sensor inputs. These modules are connected on the station using a digital bus (CAN bus). Used principles allow to have a high-performance equipment getting the ability to adapt to the range of environment and operating constraints. This versatile adaptation is the result of the system design, based on tested and up to date technology.

Processing of measured data is done using dedicated modules, linked to a main system module by a terrain digital bus allowing data acquisition from remote modules up to more than 1 Km.

XARIA station performs the acquisitions of the following meteorological parameters :

  • Temperature(s)
  • Relative humidity
  • Rainfall
  • Wind
  • Radiation(s)
  • Pressure
  • Visibility
  • Clouds base height...

It allows the storage of minute, 6 minutes and hourly data (step of half an hour in PATAC mode) and performs the storage of fi ne precipitation data (recording of date and time of each bucket dumping). Xaria station manages following operating modes :

  • Local mode with LCD display embedded to the main module system and real time display of data (ASCII fi le) through a terrain digital bus module.
  • Remote mode : transmission of stored data either on request of an acquisition computer or following Xaria station initiative according to memorised computed software
  • Alert mode : Xaria station transfers information depending on overstepping of alert thresholds of some parameters.
  • Customised mode (as PATAC protocol) : Xaria station can be collected by an acquisition computer, using dedicated protocol, through the public switching telephone network.

Each subset is housed in a waterproof IP66, painted aluminium alloy cabinet. Main modules (system, communication and supplying) are installed into a hood fi tted on the ground or wall mounted cabinet. The oversize of the hood allows fi ngertip installation and maintenance works.

Protection :
A fi ltering EMI/RFI is performed on each Input/Output and each long distance connection is equipped with lighting protection.

Power supply :
The systematic running of functions regarding the reduction of energy consumption of each set offers a long operating range on battery (30 days for most operating modes). On Xaria station the charge of the battery is secured either by a solar panel or by a main power supply module. When the main supply is available, the secured low tension supplies the blowing device of the pyranometer as well as the heating of raingauge and wind sensors.

Communication means :

  • PSTN: modem V32
  • GSM modem
  • INMARSAT-PHONE satellite modem

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