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Automatic Water Deionizer



Tech Universal deionizers designed for the removal of dissolved salts from feed water used for high pressure boilers, laboratories, process water, etc. The system is flexible and available in both simplex and duplex versions with different control alternatives.

The filter tanks are of glass fibre reinforced polyester and the internal distribution system is of polypropylene. The valve is made of synthetic resin with viton washers, making it fully resistant to corrosion by the regeneration chemicals. The unit has continuous circulation of water over the resin bed to avoid high conductivity during periods of little or no water consumption.

  • Tech Universal deionizer unit has been developed with extra consideration for ease of operation and low running cost.
  • Fully automatic controls.
  • Fully automatic and adjustable quality limits.
  • All parts that come into contact with water are of corrosion resistant material.
  • Continuous circulation to avoid high conductivity during periods of low water consumption.
  • Automatic intake of chemicals during the regeneration cycle.

  • Minimum operating pressure is 30 PSI
  • Maximum operating pressure is 110 PSI
  • Electrical connection is 220 V- 24 Volt

Deioniser means that all the salts in the water are removed. The caution resin is regenerated with acid, whereby the positive ions contained in the water are exchanged for hydrogen ions, H+. The anion resin is regenerated with caustic solution, whereby the negative ions are exchanged for hydroxide ions, OH-.

When an anion resin follows a caution resin, the result will be deionised water.

  1. The ion exchange process is carried out in two cycles:
  2. The working cycle: in which H+ and OH- ions from the ion exchangers go to the liquid phase while an equivalent quantity of undesired ions are collected by the ion exchangers.

The regeneration cycle: the ion exchangers are once again charged with H+ and H- ions.

The regeneration cycle usually consists of four stages: backwashing, intake of chemicals, constriction, and rinsing. The regeneration cycle is controlled automatically according to preset limit values for conductivity of pure water and / or preset quantities of deionised water. The system can be connected to central alarm and monitoring systems. The PC alternative allows for great flexibility regarding control and monitoring of the unit and any complementary equipment.

The conductivity of the treated water is normally 5-10 μ S/cm. The quality depends on factors such as the raw water quality and the composition of dissolved salts.

Tech Universal deionizer designed to produce water volume per regeneration, based on a total salt content in mg/lit.
Tech Universal can provide complete unit custom designed for special product water quality, using mixed bed and floating bed types

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