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The SatVUE Automatic Weather Station is a simple to use, simple to install, robust monitoring system designed to provide you with frequent, accurate updates on your local weather conditions.

It has been designed as the ideal solution for a range of professional applications including:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Agriculture and Aquaculture
  • Building Management
  • Research and Education
  • Environmental regulatory compliance
  • Emergency Services

Standard Inclusions

  • SatVUE Remote Telemetry Unit
  • Ultrasonic wind speed / direction sensor
  • Temperature, humidity, vapour & barometric pressure sensors 
  • Rainfall
  • Solar panel and battery backup

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple inputs, flexible sensor integration
  • Alarm functionality
  • Satellite communication - from only 50c per day
  • Easy access & control via web portal
  • Long-term reliability - made for rugged environments
  • Easy installation
  • Australian designed & manufactured

Minimise risk, save time & money
The SatVUE Automatic Weather Station removes the need for you or your staff to visit sites and conduct manual measurements or inspections - which in turn could save thousands of dollars in travel and staff resource expenses every year!

The SatVUE system employs a simple approach for field installations - by utilising minimal hardware. In contrast with alternative solutions on the market, this makes for a cost-effective, robust system providing peace of mind.

Flexible Sensor & Integration Options
With up to 2* Analog, Digital or MODBUS I/O protocol inputs available, a broad range of sensors and/or devices can be integrated with the SatVUE system The sensors we’ve chosen to include with the SatVUE Automatic Weather Station are due to their high accuracy, robust design, however, upon request we can supply any sensor of your choosing - pending availability. This allows for the fleixibility to suit your monitoring requirements, be it water level, rain fall flow, soil moisture, leaf wetness, pressure, temperature, relative humidity, pH, DO, turbidity, EC, CO2, SO2, O2, volatile organic compounds, hydrocarbons, to name a few.

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