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- Model 265 Series - Automatic Whole House Water Filter



When you install a whole-house automatic water filtration system your water problems will disappear. Rid your water of troublesome iron, sediment, bad tastes, stains, color and odors.

  • Taste & Odor - Remove bad tastes and odors caused by chlorine & organics
  • Multi-Media - Eliminate suspended sand and silt that makes water cloudy
  • Neutralizing - Raise the pH of acidic water to neutralize corrosiveness and protect fixtures, pipes and appliances
  • Birm - Remove soluble or precipitated iron without the use of expensive or messy chemicals
  • Mangenese Greensand Plus- Iron, manganese and sulfur are oxidized into solids and trapped in the filter bed where they get flushed to the drain

  • Energy efficient. Uses approximately $1.19* in electricity annually
  • Exclusive NSF Certified electronic control valve with five year warranty featuring proven piston, seal & spacer technology
  • User friendly LCD display shows time of day, regeneration mode and gallons remaining
  • Fully adjustable cycles allow for the most efficient settings based on the specific water quality requirements
  • Remote mount control pad with optional 3 foot cable extension (#60010045) plus manual index option for simple operation
  • 48 hour memory back-up
  • NSF Certified fibreglass pressure tank with ten year warranty
  • Unique precision turbine meter is incorporated in system bypass valve – saving space over 4” of floor space
  • Time saving quick connect fittings on drain line (with 0-ring seal) and power cord for fast and easy installations

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