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Model RDF, SRF, MSW - Automatic Wrapping Machines and Bale Openers


Stretch film wrapping is a cost-efficient way to store waste while it is waiting for further utilisation as a source of energy in waste-to-energy-plants. We can provide the best solution for your needs, no matter how large or small the quantity of materials to be wrapped. The Cross Wrap bale wrapping machines are compatible with all industrial square balers. Due to their modular structure, the Cross Wrap wrapping lines are able to wrap various bale sizes and quantities.

Wrapping line where it's needed - flexibly!

With the mobile CW wrapping line, the bales can be wrapped wherever wrapping is needed. This enables contracting when combined with a mobile baler.

The mobile CW wrapping line can be moved easily, as a single, ready-to-use unit, which means that wrapping can be initiated immediately. Wrapping waste bales at source provides an economical solution for storing and transporting waste.

  • Lowers the costs of transporting and storing waste materials
  • An environment-friendly and safe way to store and transport waste
  • Enables the transportation and temporary storage of waste-to-energy materials, such as RDF and SRF – by ships and trains as well as trucks
  • Cross Wrap wrapping machines are compatible with all industrial balers
  • The patented Cross Wrap wrapping method provides exclusive advantages not present in any other wrapping equipment
  • A fully automatic machine lowers the costs of manual labour and boosts production
  • Cross Wrap Ltd has the longest experience in wrapping waste materials. We have delivered 250 machines to 37 countries, and more than 40,000,000 bales have been “Cross-Wrapped” to date

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