Tons Per Hour, Inc. (TPH)

Automation & Control System


TPH provides clients with complete plant automation solutions and control panels manufactured by Allen-Bradley, one of the most trusted names in automation, to ensure the greatest control and smoothest operation of our products. TPH also assists with installation and training.

System build:

  • Up to 150 pound per hour capacity
  • Custom stainless steel volumetric feeder
  • Custom stainless steel wetting cone
  • Stainless steel 2″ eductor
  • Stainless steel duel chamber nurse tank with agitator
  • All plumbing, fittings, check valves, ball valves, flow meter
  • Allen Bradley PLC and complete control panel
  • HL125 Viking Gear Pump with 2HP motor skid mounted with guarding
  • 1.5″ air actuated ball valve*
  • Fiber optic-controlled light sensor technology with waterproof electronics
  • Plumbing available in 1.5 or 2-inch pipe
  • Over 50 installations, most still in operation, for over 20 years
  • No moving parts, sampling not required. Turbidity is measured in the feed well


  1. Allen Bradley HMI Touch Screen 10″
  2. *Electrical ball valve, if compressed air unavailable

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