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In response to human-health issues and air-quality concerns, regulatory standards have been adopted worldwide to control the emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2), from on- and off-road internal combustion engine exhaust. Catalysis plays a significant role in the abatement of global automotive emissions through its automotive catalysts products. Emission control catalysts eliminate dangerous engine pollutants from a wide range of fuels, including gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and alternate fuels.

With our newly developed partnership, we now offer one of the world's most advanced catalysts used in automotive emission systems for both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. Our automotive catalysts can be applied to reciprocating engines fueled by gasoline, natural gas, diesel, LPG and synthetic fuels at any size engine displacement.

Our catalyst design gives our catalyst products two critical attributes that differentiate them from competing offerings.

These include:

  • Superior stability that allows heat, resistance and high performance with very low levels of precious metals.
  • Base metal activation allows base metals to be used instead of costly platinum group metals without compromising catalytic performance.

Automotive Emissions Catalysts Our company has a unique perspective on global solutions for emissions reduction. Backed with regulatory verifications and approvals, we offer a suite of products that are cost-effective, sustainable and used with proven success in new equipment and retrofit applications.

We offer a variety of precious metal formulations including:

  • Pd-only Catalysts
  • Pd/Rh-only Catalysts
  • Pt/Pd/Rh Catalysts
  • Pt/Rh-only Catalysts

Automotive Emissions Catalysts To get the best performance at the lowest cost, we constantly collaborate with scientist and chemical engineers to maximize the surface area of PGMs (through smaller particle sizes) and minimize mobility of that material over the life of the catalytic converter. Our offered catalysts products are fully compatible with existing industry coating processes and end products.

With our technology team, you'll experience strong engineering capabilities, an experienced team, streamlined product-development processes, solid experience in the verification and approval process, and a competitive advantage through the use of customized catalysts for our emission control systems.

To learn more about our emissions control technology and emissions standards, call or email our team today.

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