- Autonomous Monitoring Station



The MIRA autonomous monitoring station is designed to operate independent of external power supply and wired data communication. Therefore no infrastructure for its installation is required, which means that the station can be installed easily at any location. In its most compact form, the solar supply is integrated into the head of the detector. In the version with external solar supply, unlimited data transfer is guaranteed.

The MIRA WEATHER STATION is a combination of a MIRA gamma dose rate monitoring station and a Vaisala weather transmitter. The MIRA collects the data from the weather transmitter and store it in its internal memory. The data from the MIRA and the weather transmitter are transferred by the MIRA to the monitoring center by Ethernet, Cellular and/or Radio. The combination of the MIRA and Vaisala weather transmitter offers the possibility of easy gamma dose rate monitoring and detailed weather monitoring.

The MIRA – Weather station is available as a mobile version with tripod or as a stationary station for pole or wall mounting. The mobile version uses a solar panel and battery for independent operation. The stationary station can be connected to a main power supply and/or equipped with a solar panel and battery as option.

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