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- Valve and Regulation Channel



Device intended to control the flow towards treatment and to generate the excess flow rates by progressive closing of the section of the network, while still retaining the diameter of the network in dry weather. The AUTOREG device can be integrated into a storm water overflow, but also downstream of combined network retention basins.

Control for low flow rates in combined network
  • High-performance: accuracy of the regulation of the flow rate actually removed to treatment

  • Reliability: full opening of the valve in dry weather or as soon as an obstruction is detected in rainy weather

  • Compactness: low encumbrance of the channel + valve unit, reservation 1500x1500 mm

  • Adaptability: modifiable setpoint flow rate, periodic flushing...

  • Easy installation: new structure in civil engineering or prefabricated, rehabilitation

  • Decennial warranty via insurance supplemented by an Epers

  • 304L stainless steel regulation channel, equipped with an ultrasound probe

  • Motorised knife-gate valve with a minimum diameter of 200 mm

  • Electric regulation servomotor - 400 V

  • Compact and above-ground control cabinet: H 1020, L 630 and l 270 mm

  • Integration of a prefabricated storm water overflow - DOVR or DOHR


The control of the nominal flow and automatic unclogging management is provided by the control of the motorised valve with an ultrasonic measure. The regulation channel equipped with a chicane ensures the maintaining of a perfectly stable body of water regardless of the upstream water pressure. The motorised valve complies with the diameter of the network and is entirely open in dry weather and during unclogging operations.

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