Elemental Scientific (ESI)

Autosampler Probes



ESI provides a range of PFA sample probes offering high chemical resistance for applications involving strong acids, alkalis and organics. A contoured design reduces carry over while an all PFA wetted sample flow path reduces contamination. The Teflon® construction is reinforced by a completely encapsulated support, available in PEEK, Carbon Fiber, Ultem® and stainless steel*.

  • Small i.d. for low flow rates or small volume samples
  • Ideal for self aspiration PFA nebulizers
  • Increased rigidity, ensures probes hit small vials
  • Chemically resistant
  • Direct replacement for standard probes
  • Available in 3 formats:
    • Unflanged for Peristaltic Pumping
    • Flanged for PFA-ST or PolyPro-ST nebulizers*
    • Integrated PFA-MicroFlow nebulizers*

Autosamplers supported:

  • ESI SC-Autosamplers
  • Agilent Integrated Autosampler I-AS
  • Cetac ASX-100
  • Cetac ASX-500 series
  • Perkin Elmer AS-9X series
  • Gilson
  • Spectro AS-400
  • Varian SMS

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