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The CETAC ASX-1400/1600 Autosampler is designed for use in the oil industry, specifically the wear metals market. This market requested an autosampler that mixes the sample before analysis with minimal cross contamination. CETAC delivered the ASX-1400/1600 that has mixing capabilities and a unique drip cup to prevent cross contamination from messy drips.


CETAC plans to introduce the ASX-1400/1600 Autosampler to new markets that have the need for a robust and flexible autosampler. This instrument’s design will enable it to accommodate many different applications.

Sample Homogenization
Used oil samples analyzed for wear metals contain particulate matter which settles prior to analysis, resulting in unrepeatable results. The ASX-1400 and ASX-1600 Autosamplers have been developed to solve this problem.

Prior to analysis, each sample is automatically homogenized by the autosampler. A simple stirring paddle design mixes samples efficiently and rinses clean using minimal rinse solution. Variable-speed control ensures proper mixing of the samples, leading to more precise results.

Accelerated movement dramatically increases efficiency. Average sample handling time with this system is as low as six seconds.

A unique drip cup moves under the sample probe and stirrer, eliminating cross contamination from messy drips.
Independent, continuous-flow rinse of the sample probe and mixing paddle minimizes sample contamination and carryover.

Flexible rack options: Gilson, Bel-Art, CETAC/Bohdan. Customized racks available.

  • ASX-1400 Dimensions:
    • Height: 53 cm (21¨)
    • Width: 60 cm (23.5¨)
    • Depth: 51 cm (20¨)
    • Weight: 20.5 kg (45.25 lbs)
  • ASX-1400 Capacity: 4 racks, up to 360 samples
  • ASX-1600 Dimensions:
    • Height: 53 cm (21¨)
    • Width: 84 cm (33¨)
    • Depth: 51 cm (20¨)
    • Weight: 30 kg (66 lbs)
    • ASX-1600 Capacity: 6 racks, up to 540 samples
  • Hardware Interfaces: RS-232, USB
  • Power: 100-240 VAC, 3.2A
  • Warranty: 2 year limited

  • Variable sizes, speeds and capabilities
  • Solutions for challenging lab environments
  • Low to high volume autosamplers
  • Online and offline dilution systems

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