MasSpec Consulting Inc.

MasSpec Consulting Inc.

- Mass Spectrometry Equipment


MasSpec Consulting offers a wide range of mass spectrometry equipment parts and service to many of Canada’s leading private and public sector research and analytical labs.

With over 27 years service experience on all legacy VG/Micromass/Waters instruments including High Resolution Magnetic Sector GC/MS AutoSpec X/S/V/M Series+, our OEM factory-trained staff deliver superior engineering services, from system maintenance to upgrades. We also provide parts and service on Quadrupole GC/MS, Ion Trap, and Time-of-Flight systems. MasSpec’s AutoSpec HR/MS legacy systems are valued for their power, sensitivity, dynamic range, and performance. You can count on our platforms to provide results that are in regulatory compliance. Contact us to ask about our system’s technical specifications or pricing.

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