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Aurora - Magnetic Level Indicator

by Orion Instruments, LLC     based in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA)

Aurora combines the operating system of a conventional float-based MLI with the leading-edge Eclipse Guided Wave Radar transmitter developed for level measurement applications by Magnetrol. The result is true level-measurement redundancy in a single-chamber design. Using a 3' or 4' chamber to house both the Eclipse coaxial style probe and the ...

Aurora - Model PVI-2000 - Power-One Inverters

by AE Photonics GmbH     based in Dresden, GERMANY

Max. DC power: 2300 W. Max. AC power: 2000 W. Max. Efficiency: 96%. Dimensions (W / H / D) in mm: 440/465/57. Weight: 6 Kg. Cooling: Forced cooli

Aurora - Hollow Cathode Lamps

by Aurora Biomed Inc.     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

At Aurora Biomed we are committed to providing the fastest delivery of high quality, high spectral purity hollow cathode lamps and other consumable parts at the best available prices. If quality, service and price is important to your lab, give us a call.

Aurora - Model 250/500 APAC - Central Inverters

by Fat Spaniel Technologies, a Power-One brand     based in SKEABOST, UNITED KINGDOM

Power-one’s new 250kW and 500kW utility grade central inverters have a number of key features, including a very high efficiency of 98.5%, electrolytic capacitor free leading to longer MTBF (mean time between failures), compact size and weight; touch screen display, and 1000 Voc (open circuit voltage) rating. Its design is the result of the ...

Aurora - Model ULTRA 750/1100/1500 - PV Inverter

by Fat Spaniel Technologies, a Power-One brand     based in SKEABOST, UNITED KINGDOM

This liquid-cooled, high-powered Aurora inverter is the largest PV inverter available in the market. The compact chassis gives maximum power for the minimum footprint. Industry-leading power conversion efficiencies of up to 98.6%, combined with high-speed Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) channels, optimize energy harvesting across a wide array ...

Aurora - Ion Channel Screening Cell Lines

by Aurora Biomed Inc.     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Aurora Biomed offers cell lines for purchasing and licensing for some of the most common drug discovery ion channel targets. The cell line collection includes stably expressed hERG potassium channels, Kv1.3 potassium channels, or Nav1.5 sodium channels, each optimized and validated using both flux assays and electrophysiology. The window of ...

Aurora - Ion Channel Screening Assays

by Aurora Biomed Inc.     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Aurora Biomed provides a wide range of ion channel assays to quickly and accurately provide results for drug discovery and development research worldwide. A convenient, integrated ordering system facilitates rapid assessment and processing of globally standardized tests. Assays are performed manually by patch clamp or by Qpatch. Cold flux assays ...

Aurora - Model XYZ - Universal Revolutionary Autosampler

by Aurora Biomed Inc.     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Aurora’s revolutionary autosampler eliminates the need to purchase multiple Autosamplers for your Atomic Absorption, Atomic Fluorescence applications and Liquid Handling requirements. Aurora offers an advanced all-in-one XYZ Autosampler for liquid handling, flame, graphite furnace AA and vapor generation (VG) analysis. The freedom of ...

Aurora - Model PVI Central 50-100 & 55-110 - Commercial Grade Inverters

by Fat Spaniel Technologies, a Power-One brand     based in SKEABOST, UNITED KINGDOM

These extremely scalable modular inverter systems, based on 55kW conversion modules, increase usable power and improve availability. The reduction of performance in any individual inverter will not impact the energy-harvesting capabilities of other modules. The product is available with and without isolation transformer. Industry-leading power ...

Aurora - Model HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatography

by Aurora Biomed Inc.     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

High performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a common separation technique for the detection of trace substances. It is used across a wide variety of sectors including forensics, pharmaceutical and healthcare. Samples are moved through a stationary solid phase using a mobile phase under pressure and analytes are separate based on their afinity ...

Aurora - Dual Rotor Crusher

by Stedman     based in Aurora, INDIANA (USA)

The Aurora™ Dual Rotor Crusher features a dual shaft design that produces a higher throughput and smaller particles. Combs are machined out of a solid block of metal for additional strength. This lump breaking crusher is ideal as lump breaking equipment for pneumatic conveying or unloading.

Aurora - Model PVI-3000-OUTD - Power One Inverter

by RA Power Group     based in AUSTRALIA

PVI-3000-OUTD inverters manufactured in Italy has a maximum efficiency of 97%. Maximum recommended PV power 3500W. Voltage range 156-530V. 97% efficiency.

Aurora - Model Octa-Box 8-1 - Stainless Steel Right Angle Worm Gear

by Aurora Motors     based in Hayward, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The OCTA-BOX 8 in 1 worm gear speed reducer is built for long lasting durability. With the versatility to use a “C” flange, input shaft configuration, hollow bore, or output shaft with one unit, eliminates double stocking & long delivery times. This accessory option package with one unit make the OCTA-BOX 8 in 1 the leading edge in ...

Aurora - Model PVI-2000-OUTD - Inverters

by EUROSOL GmbH     based in Ludwigshafen, GERMANY

The transformerless operation of this compact outdoor residential inverter provides an efficiency of 95.5%. The high-speed Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) produces real-time power tracking andimproved energy harvesting. The wide input voltage range makes this inverter suitable to low power installations with reduced string size. This rugged ...

Aurora - LIBS Spectrometer

by Applied Spectra, Inc.     based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Not all LIBS spectrometers are created equal. The Aurora LIBS Spectrometer—designed by the LIBS experts at Applied Spectra—delivers the high spectral resolution and precise gate timing control required for effective LIBS analysis. Aurora’s flexible number of spectrometer channels makes it an ideal detector for broadband as well ...

Aurora - Carbonator - Carbonated Water Cooler

by Alpine Coolers     based in Duluth, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

Energy star listed, TUV and EPA Certified, WQA Gold Seal, ANSI/NSF #51, ADA Compliant. Easy to use and to service. Hot/Cold/Cold Sparkling. Built in Leak Lock. Double Solenoid. Easy fill 5 lb cylinders. 100 gallons sparkling per 1lb. Floor and Table Top Units. Access panel for cylinder. Access panel for filters

Aurora - Model 6 - Submersible Motor

by Aurora Motors     based in Hayward, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The motors are built for operation in 6” diameter or larger wells. Continuous rating in 86 F (30 degrees C) water. Rotation: Single phase, CCW facing shaft end; three phase electrically reversible.

Aurora - Model ICR 8000 - Ion Channel Reader

by Aurora Biomed Inc.     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Invaluable for ion channel screening, the ICR 8000 detects ion channel activity using atomic absorption spectroscopy and flux assays. Current applications include the evaluation of the hERG potassium channel more quickly, more precisely and more accurately than other medium to high throughput ion channel screening systems. Interactions with the ...

Aurora - Spectrophotometers Device for Measuring Light Intensity

by Aurora Biomed Inc.     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

A spectrophotometer measures sample compositions and concentrations as a function of the color intensity, or more specifically, the wavelength of light absorbed by the analyte. UV/Vis spectroscopy is routinely used in the quantitative determination of solutions of transition metals and highly conjugated organic compounds. Using Beer’s law, ...

Aurora - Model ICR 12000 - Ion Channel Reader

by Aurora Biomed Inc.     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Based upon the versatility, precision, and sensitivity of atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) and Aurora Biomed’s patented microsampling process, the ICR 12000 is suitable for both ligand-gated and voltage-gated ion channels using cell-based flux assays. The ICR 12000 was designed for ultra high throughput ion channel screening of compound ...

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