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- Model AV-290 - Fast-Set



AV-290 is a mid-range viscosity, dual component, hydrophobic MDI-based polyurethane resin designed to fill large voids on the exterior of below grade structures where high water flow is present. Expanding up to 2000%, the fast-setting resin cures to form a rigid, impermeable closed-cell foam that can withstand wet/dry cycles.


  • Fill large voids below-grade
  • Stops high volume leaks

Features And Benefits

  • Reacts within seconds
  • Expands 1,500% 2,000%
  • Cures quickly to a rigid foam
  • Withstands wet/dry cycles
  • Solvent-free
  • Non-toxic

Grouting Techniques

  • Probe Grouting
  • Curtain Grouting
  • Pressure Injection

How It Works
AV-290 is a dual-component hydrophobic resin that reacts within seconds to produce a rigid, impermeable closed cell foam nearly 2000% the initial liquid volume. The two components of AV-290 are mixed via static mixer at the point of injection and quickly produce a very rigid foam.

RATIO : 1:1 (Part A to Part B)


  • Pail =
  • Part A: Net Wt. 51.25 lbs. / Volume - 5 gal.
  • Part B: Net Wt. 44.35 lbs. / Volume - 5 gal.
  • Dual Chamber Cartridge =
  • Part A Volume - 126 ml.
  • Part B Volume - 126 ml.


  • Motor Class 55
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Air freight available

Cleaning Products

  • AV-208 Acetone, Technical Grade (CAS# 67-64-1) removes moisture from equipment
  • AV-284 Pump Wash (Proprietary Blend) removes uncured resin from pump and hose
  • AV-222 Cleaner (Proprietary Blend) removes cured resin from equipment

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