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- Model SR-A1 - Rapper


The SR-A1 is our most universally applicable rapper. The HOPPER RAPPER consists of a Model SR-A1 rapper with a 6” square shock isolating mounting base. As shown in the photo below, the SR-A1 is also configured with a variety of mounts for use on Electro-Static Precipitators.

  • The Model SR-A1 rapper is an electrically operated DC solenoid rapper.
  • The Model SR-A1 rapper is a totally sealed unit that does not require any adjustment or routine maintenance.
  • It may be mounted in any orientation.
  • The strength and frequency of impact of the rapper is controlled by the application of 120V DC, 10A pulses from the rapper controller.
  • The impacts imparted by the HOPPER RAPPER™ cause high peak accelerations in the connected plate surface.
  • The rapid acceleration of the plate surface overcomes the adhesive force that binds many granular materials to the plate surface.
  • At impact, slippage of the material occurs along the plate/material boundary. Energy is also transferred some distance into the adjacent material.
  • This energy overcomes both the cohesiveness of the particles and the mechanical interlocking of irregular shaped particles, in effect, causing a more “flowable” material.
  • The discrete, high accelerations caused by the HOPPER RAPPER™ are an advantage over the continuous but lower accelerations produced by electric or pneumatic vibrators.
  • Low continuous accelerations of vibrators can lead to a situation not only where slippage along the plate surface may not occur, but it may compact the material to be dislodged.

  • A.V.C Specialists can provide a variety of mounting hardware, and temperature isolators. Drawings and pricing is provided for the two most common items.


  • The Model SR-A1 rappers are warranted for a period of three years from date of shipment on all mechanical components, exclusive of removal/reinstallation and freight charges.
  • All electrical components are warranted for a period of 1 year from date of shipment exclusive of removal/reinstallation and freight charges.

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