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The H2 MONITOR UNIT, is the most comprehensive, non-invasive noise level monitoring unit for wearers of headsets currently available. The H2 MONITOR UNIT is a small-footprint battery-operated module that accurately measures the noise exposure in the ear from the headset earpiece AND the local ambient noise levels simultaneously.

  • European regulations are in force, reducing the ‘ permitted’ noise exposure levels.
  • The CWU has won test cases in the High Court for acoustic shock claims.
  • Compensation totalling £142,395 was recovered on behalf of the eight claimants.
  • The GMB is calling on employers to identify sources of either high-pitched noise or high background levels and to take measures to reduce noise levels.
  • An employer cannot do anything about any of the above without knowledge of current noise levels.
  • More important than ever to monitor staff noise exposure levels.
  • The Headset Measurement System from AVI measures all required information without disturbance to the headset wearer.

Each specific make and model of headset is measured on a dummy head and torso, and data about the particular features of the headset established. This data, which is specific to this make and model of headset, regardless of who is wearing it, is transferred to a PC programme called “ LOGGER” , which is used to load this data into the H2 MONITOR UNIT before use.

The H2 MONITOR UNIT is then placed on a desk near the headset wearer, and using a special cable assembly, is plugged into the line between the headset connecting socket and the headset cable.

The H2 MONITOR UNIT is then left logging for as long as required, and can be stopped and downloaded back to the PC at any time. All data logged is saved in non-volatile memory in the monitor.

Microsoft © Excel ™ is used to store and display the measured data. Results can be archived for later reference and to provide evidence of monitoring and exposure levels if required. Other monitoring and display software is available to suit particular requirements.


A periodic check of all operators using headsets will show whether the levels they experience are above or below the action levels. This can be done using two different approaches:

  • Call in AVI consultants to measure a sample of operators using the H2 monitor and report on what action is required, if any.
  • Hire H2 monitor units from AVI and instigate a programme of monitoring and recording data from each operator

A mixture of the two approaches is obviously possible, and an initial survey by AVI consultants to establish basic information, followed by hire (or possibly purchase) of units and a local monitoring programme could be used if found necessary. AVI can provide training in the use of the H2 monitor to anyone as required.

To discuss your needs and tailor them for the most cost-effective solution contact AVI for further details.

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