Acoustic and Vibration Instruments Ltd (AVI)

- Model MK2 Series - Noiselog



The COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION to providing noise complainants with the equipment to record offending noises for measurement and identification.


Added Features with the NoiseLog MK2

  • Longer recording duration using higher capacity cards - up to 12 hours non-stop recording and storage for up to 24 hours total recording on one card at CD quality.
  • Choice of download formats available
  • Analysis now available both unweighted (linear) and A-weighted from the same recording.
  • Listen to sound as recorded but have A-weighted data for the same information
  • Improved data storage facilties added.
  • NoiseLog Hardware
  • CD quality recording onto Compact Flash (CF) memory card
  • Simple one-push handset to start and stop recording
  • No tapes or moving parts to wear out
  • Dynamic range > 70 dB linear
  • Date and time stamped on each recording
  • Calibrated using industry-standard 94 dB calibrator – available as an optional extra if required
  • All contained in one robust, lockable metal case. All cable connections and controls except handset not accessible once locked.
  • Case size 445 x 325 x 125mm.
  • weight 5.8 kg
  • Recording time only limited by size of CF card memory fitted. Supplied with 2GB card giving 6 hours recording at 44.1 kHz sampling rate
  • Available in 3 versions – Class 1, Class 2 and budget
  • Class 1 and Class 2 versions meet the same frequency response and dynamic range equirements as sound level meters complying with IEC 60651 or IEC 61672
  • Class 1 and 2 versions can be verified by UKAS –accredited calibration
  • Supplied with mains power unit, handset, microphone, preamplifier and cable with table-top tripod and mounting adaptor


NoiseLog Software

  • Software analysis package for any .wav or .bwf files including Noise-Log Compact Flash (CF) memory cards
  • Download all files from card to PC either via USB link from recorder or by plugging card into PC reader
  • Save, combine and rename files on PC
  • Analyse files on screen with graph of level against time
  • Analysis shows Max. SPL and time of occurrence, total measurement Leq and duration and 3 Ln values for whole file in one go
  • Zoom in to any section of the recording – same analysis available for new period of the recording
  • Delete unwanted sections of recording and re-analyse on screen
  • Save all modifications to PC, printout of any screen display.
  • Export of data in formats to incorporate into reports, text only or text and graphs
  • Enables almost instant viewing of complete file, enabling noisy periods to be rapidly identified and analysed – including listening to the noisy section only

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