- Model S 5580 - Clay and Flocculant Formulation



AVIFLOC S 5580 water soluble polymers which have been developed specifically as aids to the rapid flotation of phosphatation scums at the clarification stage of refinery processing. The clarification process makes use of the two stages of flocculation termed priman and secondary. Primary flocculation effected by phosphatation is followed by aeration. Secondary flocculation occurs using AVIFLOC*S 5580. It is gather both primary floes and air bubbles into secondary floes that have an extremely rapid flotation rate resulting in brilliant clarified liquor. When used in conjunction with AVIST0LPC40 a AVISTOL$M75 colour precipitants or other decolorants, AVIFL0C*S 5580 ensure rapid floe flotation and stable, free draining scums. The temperature and the retention time in clarifiers is reduced giving lower sugar degradation losses and considerably increased plant capacity. It can also be used successfully in scum desweetening to increase recovery of sugar from phosphatation scums.

  • AVIFLOC*S 5580 are carefully tested to ensure each batch meets our strictest specification for anionicity, solubility and viscosity thereby ensuring the high quality of our product.
  • The specifications of AVIFLOC*S 5580 are in accordance with the requirements of the FDA.
  • Increased plant capacity and lower sugar degradation are obtained because of the significant reduction in retention time and temperature in the flotation clarifier.
  • When used in conjunction with any of Cheminova range of decolorants, the secondary flotation action of AVIFLOCS 5580 results in a brilliant clarified liquor and rapid floe flotation.
  • It gives more compact, less fluid scums which means better drainage.

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