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Model AVS-20 - Vacuum Heat Sealer


Offered in our most popular 20' seal length, the AVS combines the same quality and design integrity exhibited in the AVN without the gas-flush feature. The AVS is the choice sealer for the widest range of our clientele, from medical and electronics device manufacturers, to food industry retailers, to pharmaceutical and aerospace corporations.

Seal Length: 20'
Seal Width: 1/4' (10mm opt.)
Vacuum Flow: 3 CFM
Max. Vacuum Pressure: 27 inHg
Air Requirements: 5 CFM@90PSI
Amps @ 120 Volts A.C.: 6
Unit Size (in): 28L x 10W x 7h
Approx. Weight: 32 lbs
Approx. Ship Weight: 38 lbs

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