- Model Galaxie Tower - Oil-Sludge-Separator/Coalescence Separator


The 3 stage separator for industrial use. The vortex separator AWAS Galaxie Tower combines the classic oil separator, coalescence separator and sludge trap. This solution is for maximum efficiency, safety and saving space – all in one component. Attention: oils will be automatically unloaded, as well as sludge. The compact design provides the opportunity for the treatment of large amounts of waste water with large amounts of contaminants in the smallest space. The virtually maintenance-free construction reduces the operating and disposal costs.


Centripetal and pulsating forces in the whirl separator lead free oils/carbonydrates inwards and at the same time upwards, so that they overflow into the oil tank. Centrifugal forces are forcing solids outwards and down into the sludge collecting chamber. From the sludge collecting chamber they will be automatically move away in a filter container. 

Liquid amounts of 5 cbm/h to over 12,000 cbm/h achieve more than 99% separation efficiency. Thanks to the compact design, thus only small space is needed. The feed pump should be selected by the AWAS technicians.

Additional AWAS components for the Galaxie systems

  • Chemical/physical demulsification plant
  • Filtration and sterilization
  • Circulating water treatment by UV-A Biolife
  • AWAS coolants microbubble flotation in full stream - efficient in emulsion cracking, heavy metal precipitation, etc.
  • and many other individual systems

In particularly heavily polluted waste waters, chemical treatment is used selectively and cost-efficiently.

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