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- Model GXT40130 - Twin Shaft Shredder



The GXT40130 is a versatile, heavy duty, dual electric motor driven, twin shaft shredding machine, available with various power and shaft speed configurations to handle a wide range of applications such as: Rubber — Car, 4×4, Commercial & Truck Tyres. Production Waste. Packaging Materials. Plastics — Drums, Bottles, Crates, IBC’s, Profiles, Film Bales etc. Medical Waste. Paper & Card — Confidential Documents, Newspapers. Metals — White Goods, WEEE, Aluminium, Copper Cable, Barrels, Sheet Scrap. Wood — Pallets, Joiners Waste. Textiles — Carpet, Garments, Matresses.

The product size is controlled by the width of the shredding blades, number of hooks, and hook profile. Various different configurations are available to suit virtually all applications.

The GXT40130 is usually supplied complete with loading hopper, support frame and stand alone electrical control panel housing the electrical switchgear and Siemens PLC controller. Auto-reverse and overload protection are standard features of the GXT series machines. The PLC settings can easily be configured on site during commissioning to suit the type of materials being processed. Maintenance platforms and auxiliary equipment such as conveyors, separators, recirculation screens, and force feeding devices are available on request.

  • MODEL : GXT40130
  • A (mm) : 3,945
  • B (mm) : 2,040
  • C (mm) : 1,300
  • D (mm) : 878
  • H (mm) : 2,600
  • Blade Diameter (mm) : 514
  • Shaft Speed (rpm) : 14.5
  • No. of Blades (As standard) : 26
  • Blade Width (As standard — mm) : 50
  • Standard Power (kW) (Approx. HP) : 2 x 37 (100)
  • Machine Weight (Approx. kg) : 13,000
  • GXT Series Shredders are supplied with 5-70mm wide blades according to the application.
  • Multiple hook configurations are available.
  • Shaft speeds can be adjusted to suit the application.

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