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- Package Wastewater Treatment Systems For Decentralization and Reuse


At Active Water Solutions, we specialize in the treatment of wastewater for decentralized and reuse applications. By focusing on low flow (≤500k gpd), we are able to provide packaged, containerized, and mobile systems depending on your situation. Addressing a need like wastewater treatment requires solutions for a variety of environments – so that’s exactly what we offer:

  • New subdivisions
  • Rural housing (Mobile home/RV parks, camp grounds, remote towns, etc)
  • Individual complexes (apartments, condos, resorts, etc)
  • Restaurants, malls, universities
  • Hospitals
  • Shipping and oil rigs
  • Militaries, disaster relief, and refugee camps

  • Irrigation
  • Agriculture
  • Cooling towers
  • Golf courses
  • Green Spaces
  • Aquifer recharge
  • IPR
  • DPR
  • High water demand industrial uses

  • Landfill leachate
  • Resource recovery (selenium and other metals, minerals, etc)
  • Pharma
  • Dairy
  • Sugar/Starch
  • Portable toilet waste
  • Hauled septage
  • Animal waste


We utilize the cutting edge of wastewater treatment technologies to ensure a solution that is long lasting, economical, and exceeds effluent standards. Our systems are pre-engineered for 'plug and play' type installation and easy O&M.


The superior alternative to activated sludge systems is here. SFBBR technology eliminates the need for the Return Activated Sludge (RAS) component of your treatment system, reduces sludge production, and makes basic operation a breeze. SFBBR reduces not only the system's physical footprint, but also the required maintenance. So if you're looking for a more stable environment for bacteria that resists washouts, shock loading, electrical blackouts, and that increases overall treatment effectiveness, you will find the SFBBR - the most survivable treatment system.

HVCF Membranes

A new twist on membranes, our HVCF membranes are self-cleaning, utilize higher flux rates, and drastically reduce energy consumption. The resiliency. capability, and efficiency of these systems are unmatched - these are the king of membrane systems.

Activated Sludge and MBRS

If you're like Warren Buffet, you're inclined to go with what you know. We can totally respect that. So. in addition to our new products, we also offer the traditional treatment processes like Activated Sludge/Extended Aeration and MBR systems with submerged or external membranes.

  • Containers, custom sizing and mobile packaging options
  • For ease of shipping, lower cost of production, protection from the environment, and odor/noise reduction, we provide systems inside standard ISO shipping containers.
  • For even tighter space restrictions, we can custom build systems to further minimize footprint and/or fit into irregular spaces.
  • For villages that move (“man-camps”, refugee camps, etc), we can even build systems on trailers to be pulled by pickups trucks.

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