Active Water Solutions, LLC (AWS)

- Self‐Contained Systems For Wastewater Treatment & Reuse


Utilizing fixed-bed biofilm technology for wastewater treatment, Active Water Solutions has developed a more effective alternative to activated sludge (AS) suspended growth systems. Our submerged fixed-bed biofilm reactor (SFBBR) leverages the commercial success of this technology, proven and used in Europe for decades, to treat municipal and industrial wastewater.

The treatment units are simple to operate & maintain, as they run without sludge recirculation and are much better suited for variations in hydraulic flow and loads. The footprint is often much smaller than AS systems and produces less sludge. What sludge is produced is compact and has good settling characteristics.

  • Gravity flow system with minimal moving parts
  • Achieves Type II effluent quality - less than 1 Omg/I BOD, 15mg/l TSS, and 3mg/l NH4-N
  • Achieves Type I effluent quality - less than 5mg/l BOD, 5mg/l TSS and 3mg/l NH4-N with tertiary filtration
  • Remote monitoring available
  • Multiple installation options - above or below grade
  • Technology can be retrofit into existing plants
  • V-Crimped walls for superior structural integrity
  • Low sludge produced and automatically captured for storage and disposal
  • Proven technology - meets 'ten-states' standards

  • Smaller footprint compared to activated sludge systems
  • Low O & M costs (personnel, power, sludge handling)
  • Simple operation - no RAS or mechanized clarifier
  • Easy startup - less than 3 days to produce EPA quality effluent
  • Modular design provides easy expansion
  • Water reuse with low cost tertiary filtration (optional)

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