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- Cost Effective Retrofit & Rehabilitation Water Treatment Systems

Cost-effective Retrofit & Rehabilitation of water treatment systems is often a necessary blend of three criteria: performance, cost, and schedule. Advances in component retrofit designs developed by AWTS and other available treatment technologies are considerations along with capital and operating projections. AWTS has successfully performed equipment upgrades for all types of pressurized and gravity media filters using sand, anthracite, garnet and specialty filtration products, all types of ion exchange demineralizers, resin traps, internal distributors, forced draft and vacuum degasifiers, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis systems. Ken also provides expertise in selecting trailer mounted water treatment systems such as UF, RO and off-site regenerated mixed bed polishers

Testing and Pilot Operation are critical to determine the scope of full-scale system improvements. Site trials and customer requirements must also be taken into account. Industry as well as AWTS experience has shown that the more planning and engineering resources put into a project, the better assurance there is that the real issues are identified and resolved, and water quality as well as capacity are improved or maintained over time well after the retrofit project is complete.

Choosing Technologies and Selection of Suppliers. Whatever technologies the AWTS team recommends, it is their careful follow through that has brought so many projects to successful completion. Expertise from the OEM is included in the process along with careful oversight and communications between owners and team members is an important part of our project management services.

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