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- Model UB20 - Axial Blowers


Quick-connecting two or more RAMFAN UB20 axial blowers in series increases airflow up to 50% when blowing through long and windy duct runs. Designed for duct runs up to 25’/7.6m, the UB20 airflow significantly drops when blowing through more than 75’/22.9m of duct or when confronted with multiple turns in the duct. Long, windy duct runs need more power and pressure to deliver sufficient airflow, a costly proposition. The Turbo-Couple delivers what is needed by quickly joining two or more UB20’s in series, each adding pressure and power to deliver a dramatic airflow increase through the duct. Simple, cost effective and now available.

  • Pushes MORE air through long windy ducts
  • Ventilate through 250ft/75m duct
  • UB-line compatible
  • UB20xx compatible
  • High impact polyethylene

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