Air Turbine Propeller

Model Style-X & Style-MS - Axial Fans



Style-X axial fan blades are the the workhorse of the industrial ventilation industry.  Air Turbine Propeller's Style-X propeller combines heavy gauge construction with versatility, designed to operate within a wide horsepower range for a variety of applications.  This is an exceptionally stout fan style, providing substantial air delivery, for both direct and belt drive applications.  Standard construction sizes range from 24”-96” in diameter. 

The Style-MS propeller is our lighter duty version of the Style-X blade. This smaller alternative is available in diameters from 10”-30”, and is perfect for light to medium duty applications. 

Popular applications for our Style-X & MS axial propellers include:

  • Roof Top Ventilators
  • Refrigeration Units
  • Portable Blowers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Industrial Exhaust Fans
  • Heat Exchangers

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