- Model AX Series - Pump


Axial pumps AX are hydrodynamic equipment to deliver liquid in the field of low specific energies (small heads) and high flowrates. Applications thereof are mainly when cleaning up and treating water with the return sludge pumps being used,also in water management when pumping storm and rain waters, in the field of Enviromental Protection and elsewhere. These pumps can be run in their vertical as well as horizontal (while using check valve) positions.

Electric motor makes the impeller to rotate. The impeller has a small number of flat vanes with their profile similar to that of airplane wings. The force effect of impeller vane profiled accordingly will make the driving component of liquid velocity to alter thus changing liquid delivery as well.


AX axial pumps are driven via immersion electric motor. They consist of suction body, impeller complete with axial vanes, stator body along with guide vanes, junction (transition) body that are used to direct the bypassing of drive motor, bearing body, drive shaft, mechanical seal, bearings, drive shaft coupling, and electric motor armature and the motor.

You install discharge piping to the junction body using flange connection of respective bore and PN 6 pressure. You cool electric motor with the liquid delivered. All parts of axial pumps including electric motor housing (jacket) and its flanges are made through precision casting process in material version - steel - class 17 460.

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