Axine Water Technologies

- Flexible and Modular Treatment Systems


Designed and built off-site, Axine treatment systems are modular and versatile. Wirelessly connected and remotely monitored, they don’t require dedicated operators.

  1. Turnkey systems assembled off-site and designed to integrate seamlessly into facility operations
  2. Treats a wide range of organics up to 100,000 mg/L and/or ammonia up to 10,000 mg/L
  3. Oxidizes and destroys pollutants, converting them into trace by-product gases e.g. N2, CO2, O2, H2,
  4. Compact, modular design provides maximum site flexibility and can be quickly expanded
  5. Flexible system configurations from <1 GPM to >100 GPM
  6. Fully automated with 24X7 remote monitoring and operation
  7. Proprietary data analytics enables predictive maintenance
  8. Zero liquid or solid waste

Modular design provides operational flexibility

Axine systems are highly modular, expandable and capable of accommodating a wide range of treatment applications. This feature allows Axine to quickly expand or adapt system configurations to meet your ever changing site requirements.

Remote monitoring with predictive data analytics

Axine’s systems are fully automated, remotely monitored and operated by our experienced service teams. Data is collected on flow rate, composition, current, voltage, pH, temperature, ORP and others. Data analytics create a unique treatment “signature” for each application, which enables our service team to monitor and verify treatment performance 24X7 and predict maintenance requirements. No dedicated operators are required. Customers can monitor performance on-line in real time.

Continuous product development

Axine’s dedicated team of product engineers and technicians are continuously innovating to solve customer problems and improve system performance. This includes developing new applications, evaluating catalyst materials, improving reactor efficiency and enhancing data collection and analytics. Please contact us if you’re interested in exploring collaboration opportunities.


Axine’s technology is based on a breakthrough in electrochemical oxidation. The “engine” of the treatment process is our proprietary reactor comprised of catalyst-coated electrodes. Wastewater or aqueous waste flows through the reactor. Power is applied to electrodes and the catalysts generate powerful oxidants. The oxidants break down and destroy pollutants, converting them to by-product gases (e.g. N2, CO2, O2, and H2). No liquid or solid waste is generated. Catalyst materials and electrodes are selected depending on the treatment application. Axine’s technology is protected by an extensive patent portfolio.

Treatment applications

Axine’s on-site solutions treat wastewater and aqueous waste in a wide range of applications

Eliminate off-site trucking of wastewater

Off-site trucking and disposal of wastewater is a widespread practice that’s expensive with uncertain risks and liabilities. Axine eliminates off-site trucking by pre-treating problem streams on-site for safe discharge to sewer or an on-site wastewater treatment system. This reduces operating costs, automates and streamlines operations, eliminates waste, reduces risk, improves safety and environmental performance.

Eliminate off-site disposal of aqueous waste

Disposal of aqueous wastes such as organic solvents, HPLC waste and rinse water is expensive, labor-intensive and a growing pain point for many facilities. Axine eliminates off-site trucking of aqueous waste by pre-treating streams on-site for safe discharge to POTW. This reduces operating costs, automates and streamlines operations, eliminates waste, reduces risk, improves safety and environmental performance.

Meet discharge requirements

Manufacturers face tough permitting standards from local, state and federal agencies. In many cases, permit limits on specific organic compounds (e.g. acetone, phenol, etc.), ammonia, BOD/COD  can limit facility expansion. Axine provides the most effective solution for pre-treating problem streams to ensure compliance, avoid surcharges and enable facility expansion.

Protect and expand biological plants

Toxic, non-biodegradable organics can negatively impact the performance of on-site biological systems causing bottlenecks and curtailing production. In other cases, biological systems are operating above design capacity and can’t accommodate plant expansion. Axine provides a cost-effective solution for pre-treating problem streams to eliminate bottlenecks and/or enable expansion without requiring significant capex investment.

Enable water reuse

Water reuse is a game-changer for manufacturers facing water scarcity, rising water costs and discharge fees. Axine can pre-treat organics before membrane systems (e.g. UF, RO) to eliminate biofouling or membrane durability problems to enable customers to expand reclaim and reuse opportunities.

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