- Robotic High-Speed Milling Machines



The robotic high-speed milling technology is an adapted solution for the cutting, milling and routering of plastic and composite materials. AXIOME manufactures robotic milling machines for different industrials sectors from high productivity (high volumes, automotive), to low range of production (construction), and high technology (aeronautics). We are in a position to propose the equipment fitting your need of production.

The high speed milling technology  is used for a wide range of materials, and is implemented in machines with one or several robots.

The spindle and the size of the robot are adapted to the materials and the parts to trim.

AXIOME integrates the necessary peripheral devices to fit to the production needs and therefore improves the working conditions (treatment of the dust and the chips, noise reduction, automatic scraps removal …).

A few data :

  • Average indicative cutting speed in plastic parts : 80 to 250 mm/sec
  • Rotating speed : 20 000 to 40 000 rd/min
  • Choice of the tools according to the material : Single flute milling bit, straight flute, right hand or left hand spiral, composite router, electroplated diamond router

  • very good quality of the cutting of the plastic and composite parts (clean result),
  • control of the cutting depth with several levels of accuracy (for invisible airbag applications),
  • access to complex shapes (reduced size of the spindle and its support),
  • fast return on investment,
  • adaptation of the milling tools to the cutouts, with automatic tool change.


AXIOME has launched a new specific development for high precision airbag weakening on injected parts. These machines represent a real economic alternative to other process of airbag weakening and are validated by many automotive suppliers.

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